Advertisement Khawaja , new, IG Sindh

Advertisement Khawaja , new, IG Sindh

Advertisement Khawaja , new, IG Sindh.Taking after the declaration, IG Khawaja touched base at the Chief Minister house in Karachi to hold a meeting with Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shah.

On Friday, the top court had coordinated the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to proficiently and speedily seek after an investigation into defilement of Sindh cops, including Ghulam Haider Jamali.

The bigger seat, headed by Justice Amir Hani Muslim, asked the nation’s top hostile to unite guard dog to finish request or examination decently, legitimately and entirely as per the law, and present a report inside of a month.

Recently, SC guided the common boss secretary to discover what move the legislature will make against officers discovered blameworthy of defilement, which incorporates the commonplace police boss, generally the peak court will pass such requests.

Advertisement Khawaja , new, IG Sindh

Khawaja, an individual from the request advisory group, submitted reports under the steady gaze of the top court with respect to abnormalities in the arrangement of cops.

Embracing the cold hard truth about the current situation: SC to pass requests against IG if govt neglects to make a move

In December a year ago, the top court issued a show-cause notification to Jamali to disclose why he neglected to react to departmental correspondence in regards to asserted illicit arrangements in the Sindh Reserve Police (SRP) in Sukkur.

A three-part seat, headed by Justice Amir Hani Muslim, guided the IG of police to outfit a clarification.

Advertisement Khawaja , new, IG Sindh

The seat was listening to a human rights application looking for activity against the IG and different officers more than 993 arrangements in SRP Sukkur, purportedly infringing upon administration laws.

The record demonstrated that unlawful arrangements made in the police were accounted for in a news report and SC paid heed to it, and issued a notification to IG Jamali calling upon him to present a report on August 19, 2015.KARACHI: Following the Supreme Court’s request, the government declared on Saturday to uproot Inspector General (IG) Ghulam Haider Jamali and choose Allah Dino (AD) Khawaja as the new IG Sindh.

As per reports, the Sindh government had submitted names of three possibility for the post as the top police boss, of which AD Khawaja was chosen to supplant Jamali.

Grab requested to test Sindh police join cases

“The common government respected the recently named IG Sindh,” the administration representative said.