Bachaana Pakistani Full Movie 2016 HD Trailer Free Download

Bachaana is a 2016 Pakistani sentimental thriller film featuring Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed. It was coordinated by Nasir Khan and delivered by Nasir Khan and Rizwan Saeed. The film was discharged worldwide on 26 February 2016 under the generation flag Big Film Entertainment.

A bubbly Indian young lady named Aalia (Sanam Saeed) stuck in an unfortunate situation is constrained by circumstances including her significant other Jhangir “J” (Adeel Hashmi) to place her confidence in a Pakistani taxi driver, Vicky (Mohib Mirza) , who she meets by chance in Mauritius Airport, who then takes it upon himself to make Aalia’s protected come back to India conceivable. Along the way, the two end up in a tornado of uncertainty, opiates, wrongfully quick driving, insider facts and obviously, sentiment.

The film was a component directorial presentation of Nasir Khan, who already coordinated a narrative titled Made in Pakistan. Rizwan Saeed created the film alongside Khan through his flag Talking Filmain, which featured Sanam Saeed as Aalia, Mohib Mirza as Vicky and some different performing artists from India and Pakistan including Adeel Hashmi. In May 2015, taping was in progress in Mauritius