BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom 2016 FulBHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom is a 2016 Indian Hindi-dialect drama film coordinated by Rakesh Chaturvedi Om and delivered by Dhiraj Rokad, with Rokad, Ashok Tripathi, and Rakesh Chaturvedi Om.The film is discharged on 5 February 2016 . The film stars Ujjwal Rana and Inshika Bedi. The idea was given by Safdar Abbas and Rakesh Chaturvedi Om[clarification needed] while exchange was composed by Neeraj Badhwar, Satyavrat Mudgal, and Rakesh Chaturvedi ‘Om’. The film is discharged on 5 February 2016.The melodies for the motion picture are made by Rahul Mishra.The ambient sounds is made by Abhejeet Hegdepatil(KK) and Reenam Jain as the colleague BGM author to Abhejeet Hegdepatil.

Music for the film has been created by Rahul Mishra. Verses of the motion picture is likewise penned by Rahul Mishra.

Aa Jaa Mahi Ve – Pavni Pandey

Phalooda – Neeraj Joshi, Tochi Raina

Soniye (Remix) – Rahul Mishra, Shivangi Bhayana

Soniye – Revisited (Unplugged) – Rahul Mishra, Shivangi Bhayanal Movie HD Watch Online Free Download