Captors ,liberated Taseer, of their own will,says request

Captors ,liberated Taseer, of their own will,says request

Captors ,liberated Taseer, of their own will,says requestCaptors ,liberated Taseer, of their own will,says request.ISLAMABAD/QUETTA:

A request advisory group has reasoned that Shahbaz Taseer was not saved in a security operation, rather he was liberated by his hijackers of their own will.

It is untimely to say payoff was paid to secure the arrival of killed Punjab senator Salmaan Taseer’s child, says the request panel in a report submitted to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday. “Realities and proof demonstrate that Shahbaz Taseer has not been recouped through any operation, but rather his captors set him free all alone.”

Afghan Taliban deny “safeguarding” Shahbaz Taseer

The arrival of the report harmonized with the Afghan Taliban’s dissent that they assumed a part in either grabbing or discharging Shahbaz. The advisory group prescribed issuing an official censure to the officers who had educated the priest that Shahbaz was protected in an operation. “No organization has the privilege to claim credit for Shahbaz’s recuperation.”

Captors ,liberated Taseer, of their own will,says request

Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped at gunpoint in Lahore on August 26, 2011, months after his dad was killed by Mumtaz Qadri for restricting the profanation laws. He was found by security and insight authorities in the Kuchlak range of Quetta on March 8.

Aitzaz Goraya, the leader of Balochistan’s Counter-Terrorism Department, asserted Shahbaz was protected amid a strike on a compound in Kuchlak. He asserted police and knowledge authorities had struck the compound in the wake of accepting a tip-off. The common police boss additionally told the inside priest that Shahbaz was saved in a police strike.

A segment of Pakistani media, in any case, reported that Shahbaz was recouped by the Taliban from Afghanistan’s Zabul territory, where he was purportedly being held by Uzbek extremists.

Apprehension can hold you detainee, trust can set you free: Shahbaz Taseer

Captors ,liberated Taseer, of their own will,says request

Paying heed to the clashing records, Nisar constituted an abnormal state board of trustees, involving an extra inside secretary and the executive general of the National Crisis Management Cell, to determine the realities encompassing Shahbaz’s recuperation.

Kakar demands Shahbaz was “recouped”

The Balochistan government’s representative, Anwarul Haq Kakar demanded Shahbaz was ‘recouped’, saying the inside clergyman was attempting to make disunity. Kakar had asserted that Shahbaz was recouped in a joint assault by paramilitary troops and insight sleuths. He had stored acclaim on the security strengths for it.

“‘Recuperated’ is the most fitting word to depict the scene,” Kakar said, including that it wasn’t a transgression to applaud the security strengths for ‘this accomplishment’. He said Shahbaz had been in the bondage of Uzbek terrorists for four and half years before the Afghan Taliban sent him to Pakistan with Rs15,000.

Secret keeps on encompassing Shahbaz Taseer’s dis