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Girls of Mother India is a 2014 Indian narrative film by Vibha Bakshi on the result of the 2012 Delhi posse assault. The film got the National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues at the 62nd National Film Awards.

Beaumont-Thomas, Ben (26 March 2015). “Narrative about pack assault wins Indian national film grant”. The Guardian. Recovered 25 October 2015.

‘Girls of Mother India’, is an Indian movie producer’s trip on the repercussions of the awful assault and murder of a 23 year old therapeutic assistant in Delhi on 16 December 2012. The film is … See full synopsis »

Chief: Vibha Bakshi

Author: Vibha Bakshi

Stars: Kiran Bedi, Mr. Arvind Gaur, Dipankar Gupta | See full cast and team »