Meesha Shafi has inspired gatherings of people across the nation in the symbol of Wazir Begum in the Mughal period dramatization, Mor Mahal. She has figured out how to convey the execution with a specific panache that appears to work out easily for her. Whether Shafi is all over the place putting forth striking design expressions or at home being a mother to her two youngsters, the on-screen character artist appears to be similarly balanced and sure. Conversing with The Express Tribune, the Jugni artist uncovers insights about her most recent undertakings and up and coming US visit.

As easy as Shafi runs over on screen, just a couple realize that she took non-verbal communication drilling and acting classes for an entire month before shooting for Mor Mahal. As a component of Sarmad Khoosat’s imaginative vision, all on-screen characters on the show needed to put in practicing hours. “Outside of the classes, I would fortify all that I learnt there — I would check my hand motions, pace and the words I had gotten,” she muses.

Known not exceptionally specific about selecting ventures, Shafi guarantees she grabs parts that test her as an on-screen character. “I don’t care for doing dreary parts — that is the reason I don’t do excessively numerous neighborhood TV appears. I feel our portrayal of ladies is somewhat one dimensional.” For a few performers it is anything but difficult to rehash a specific character since they feel they show signs of improvement at assuming the specific part, Shafi likes to take up undertakings that permit her to find her own reach and create great substance.

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Having acted in the Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundementalist, Bollywood film Bhaag Milka Bhaag and Pakistani generation Waar, she concedes, “I’ve learnt how things are intended to be done instead of how things are done [in Pakistan]. Other than Sarmad, nobody truly puts that much in the process despite the fact that it makes the finished item more grounded.”

Shafi likewise dealt with Manto’s widely praised soundtrack with Jamal Rahman. “It was a work of adoration — that kind of melody or undertaking doesn’t stop by all the time.” As far as her unique music goes she shares, “I have a great deal of tunes yet I falter to accomplish something with them in light of the fact that the business is not exceptionally reassuring similarly as music is concerned. From the payback, practicality, exertion, agony and time that one takes to make a melody here without base, subsidizing and promoting — none of it is great.”

In the interim, she continues performing live and has a US visit with Arif Lohar booked during the current month. Titled ‘The Jugni visit’ after their prominent two part harmony, the two will make stops in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Washington and Boston among different urban areas. Talking about the band line-up, Shafi uncovers, “We will have session players from better places including Farhan Ali, Sherry Khattak, two drummers, a percussionist and a keyboardist.”

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Be that as it may, the incalculable undertakings have not ceased Shafi from being a hands on mother. “Parenthood has made me feel more proficient on the grounds that there is no correlation with being a mother but continuing with work. I’ve done some of my best work around and amid both my pregnancies,” she includes. “I have had individuals drop insights about not having children while on a vocation direction but rather I’ve generally let them know it’s conceivable.” Shafi’s mom, performer Saba Hameed, worked in the same business while her youngsters were growing up. “I saw my mom doing both direct; in this way, the idea is not that entrancing for me but rather it intrigues individuals,” she finishes up.