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Elaan (Hindi: एलान, interpretation: Manifesto) is a 2005 Bollywood activity thriller film. Elaan is a mission film around five characters and their arrangement against one man. Created by Ganesh Jain and Ratan Jain and coordinated by Vikram Bhatt, the film stars Rahul Khanna, Arjun Rampal, John Abraham, Amisha Patel, Lara Dutta and Mithun Chakraborty.

The film denoted the arrival of Mithun Chakraborty to the Bollywood film industry in the wake of featuring in low spending preparations based at Ooty, known as Mithun’s Dream Factory for 10 years. It figured out how to do well and was a “normal” grosser at the Box-office.Modern-day common India is held at payment by effective underworld wear Baba Sikander (Mithun Chakraborty) and his siblings, Aftab (Milind Gunaji) and Sameer (Prithvi Zutshi). They start by requesting cash from affluent representatives; when their casualties decline to pay, they are executed.

One of their casualties is Kantilal Shah, a rich representative. Karan Shah (Rahul Khanna) is Kantilal’s received child. He was an insignificant flask kid who was spotted and embraced by Kantilal while attempting to covertly listen to a board-room examination. He picked up his dad’s trust throughout the years and was steadily given the obligation of maintaining the privately-owned company, much to the mortification of his progression sister, Anjali. After listening to that his dad’s life is in peril, Karan comes back from America and persuades his dad not to offer into the blackmailer’s requests and rather request that he give that sum to his past casualties and their families. Kantilal concurs. At that point five days after the fact, a day after his birthday, Kantilal is gunned down in the lift alongside four of his bodyguards. Anjali straightforwardly denies Karan and requests that him not partake in her dad’s burial service. A stunned and crushed Karan reports to Baba that he will capture and get him to equity India, regardless of where he needed to look.

Notwithstanding, Karan discovers that Baba is stowing away in Italy, which does not have a removal bargain with India. Along these lines, not able to make any legitimate move, Karan enrolls a few soldiers of fortune to run with him to Italy and help him take Baba back to India. The primary man he picks is a suspended previous police examiner, Arjun Srivastav (Arjun Rampal), who had found and ruthlessly murdered his then pregnant spouse’s attackers all alone and now lives as a solitary guardian with his school-going little girl. After some influence from Karan and his girl alike, Arjun concurs.

Arjun prescribes that the second man included be Abhimanyu (John Abraham), who is right now in Vashi Jail and had been Baba’s driver and hitman before being encircled by Baba and his partners taking after a fizzled work. Abhimanyu is protected visible to everyone by Arjun and his men, why should imagining be specialists, on the guise of a therapeutic checkup (The venture happens drastically, in a style embraced from the film Spy Game to spring Elizabeth Hadley (Catherine McCormack) from a Chinese jail.) Arjun and Karan persuade Abhimanyu to help them with key data about Baba and his group consequently for a substantial installment. He reluctantly consents to do as such.

The trio then go to Venice (where Baba is said to be, founded on Abhimanyu’s data). There, Abhimanyu meets his sweetheart Sonia (Lara Dutta) and tries pulling out of the mission by going of Sonia as Baba’s better half who needs a gigantic measure of cash for the data she would probably give. In this way, under this affection, he betrays Arjun and Karan, takes the cash, and tries getting away with the cash alongside Sonia. Before he can do as such, both he and Sonia are captured by Baba and his men. Priya (Amisha Patel), a press correspondent from Aaj Tak, searching for a story on Karan prior, has taken after the two there, utilizing a satellite tracker for cellular telephones. She meets them and lets them know about Abhimanyu’s double dealing. Notwithstanding this, The three go to save Abhimanyu and Sonia, in a long gunfight and rapid auto pursue. Karan and Arjun are furious at Abhimanyu’s treachery, however the last apologizes and consents to help them consequently for their sparing his life since he means to settle scores with Salim (Chunky Pandey), one of Baba’s trusted assistants who had been instrumental in helping Baba set him up. The five then go and capture Salim and after some exertion, he uncovers at gunpoint that Baba is in Munich. Abhimanyu then shoots him for his selling out. Karan discovers Baba in Munich and lets him know about Salim’s demise much to Baba’s demolition, emphasizing his notice that he would satisfy his guarantee of taking the last back to India at any expense.

In course of time, the gathering turn out to be great companions. Following up on a tip, when they go to Baba’s visitor house in Munich to catch him in the act, they are tricked and are then encompassed by Baba and his men. An extensive gunfight takes after, over the span of which, Arjun kicks the bucket while getting into a jeep. Baba now cautions Karan to allow him to sit unbothered and spare his own particular life and that of the others while there is still time. Crushed, Karan feels that bringing the others on the mission was a major slip-up, much to Abhimanyu’s fierceness. In any case he takes a last remain as Priya inspires him not to surrender the battle now, thinking that he had dependably been correct, once when he had requested that his dad not offer into Baba’s requests and even now, when he had chosen to accumulate the gathering to take Baba back to India.

Karan and Abhimanyu, now go to capture Baba as he leaves the nation through the French outskirt. Sonia and Priya alarm the French Border Police as France has a removal arrangement with India. The trap works, as Baba is cornered by Karan, Abhimanyu and the French fringe police generally as he is intersection the outskirt. A long and decimating gunfight results, toward the end of which a number of Baba’s most trusted associates are slaughtered. At long last, Baba is allowed to sit unbothered and stranded after Karan prevents Abhimanyu from shooting him, thinking that the dread Baba propelled in individuals needed to end and this would along these lines end Baba’s life thusly.

Baba is sent to India, sentenced to death and hanged. Karan turns into a national saint for his accomplishment. He accommodates with his sister lastly weds Priya. The couple receive Arjun’s girl, Ayesha. Abhimanyu and Sonia likewise get hitched and settle down in Venice.