Live Hajj 2015 From Saudi Arabia 23 September 2015 Watch Online

Live Hajj 2015 From Saudi Arabia 23 September 2015 Watch Online

MOUNT ARAFAT: Two million white-clad Muslims from across the globe performed the first rites of Haj in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, in one of the world’s largest annual gatherings.

A sandstorm blew and light rain fell around the vast plain known as Mount Arafat, where the faithful began to arrive ahead of the climax of Haj.

Many reached Arafat by bus but some walked from the holy city of Makkah about 15 kilometres away, after circum-ambulating the holy Kaaba.

Police manned checkpoints along the way to check the permits of pilgrims.

This year’s gathering is about the same size as last year’s, with 1.4 million foreign pilgrims joining hundreds of thousands of Saudis and residents of the kingdom.

They are undeterred by a crane collapse at Makkah’s Grand Mosque earlier this month that killed over 100 people and injured nearly 400.

Joyous pilgrims like 35-year-old Egyptian Walaa Ali had been gathering for days ahead of Haj.

“It is a gift from God that He has chosen us to come here,” Ali said with tears in her eyes, as preachers nearby explained the history and rituals of Haj to men and women sitting side by side. “I am so happy to be here,” she said in Makkah.