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Love Khichdi (Hindi: लव खिचडी) is a lighthearted comedy Hindi film, coordinated by Srinivas Bhashyam The film discharged on 28 August 2009.


Vir is an unhitched male from a residential area acting as a sous-culinary specialist in a five-star inn in Mumbai, India. He is a good looking, beguiling, macho, moron who plays with, longs for and craves any lady who is cordial, yet appears to be unattainable. From his man-abhorring house keeper, whom he gazes at as she wipes his floor, to the man-eating proprietor of a call focus who could wipe the floor with him, to the as well tall model, and the as well youthful irritation down the corridor…from the Bengali-Beauty-with-Brains-and-Books to the wedded tease nearby – Vir is suckered by every one of them.

With his inner self, disarray and duty … it’s so hard to quit complimenting and lying, to himself! The occasionally savvy and at times senseless perceptions of his everything male group of cooks at the inn kitchen is of little help until….Vir is at long last compelled to grow up.