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Pyaar Mein Twist is a 2005 Bollywood lighthearted comedy film coordinated by Hriday Shetty and featuring Dimple Kapadia, Rishi Kapoor, Sammir Dattani, Soha Ali Khan, Esha Deol and the British recording craftsman Emma Bunton.Yash Khurana (Rishi Kapoor) is the CEO and proprietor of Tejpal Industries, a colossally fruitful auto firm. Yash is venturing down as CEO, keeping in mind the end goal to appreciate retirement. He gave the obligation and power to maintain the privately-run company to his child, Rajiv (Vikas Bhalla). At the point when Yash is strolling his pooches and intersection at a bustling crossing point, an auto drives through … almost running him over.

He is incensed and criticizes the lady driver. He requires a policeman to take care of this threat. This is his first experience with Sheetal, who was the lady driver. As Sheetal (Dimple Kapadia) drives off with Toshi (Farida Jalal), her sister-in-law, they are both snickering, discharging their pressure at this near calamity with the law. She had indicated out the policeman that it is illegal to walk two puppies in the meantime. When they return home, Yash and Sheetal each depict the day’s headliner to their families. Little do they understand that their ways will cross again …

They share more in like manner than both of them understand. Each is completely committed to their families, putting them first in their lives. Each of them made incredible penances to keep the families together amid intense times, by demonstrating a solid and profound adoration, which appears to be every so often to be underestimated. Every lost a mate whom they cherished profoundly. Sheetal is arranging the marriage of her wonderful little girl Ria (Soha Ali Khan) to Sanju (Sammir Dattani), the child of a well off high society family (or so they see themselves). Sanju’s mom, Madhu (Kishori Shahane) is not absolutely strong of her child’s decision for a spouse. She feels he is wedding underneath his social class. She has protests to whatever date they decide for the service. She is making delays, wanting to separate their arrangements. Inevitably Sanju will oppose his mom’s power and states he will run off with Ria unless his mom acknowledges her. Rajiv feels the weight of attempting to fill his dad’s shoes in maintaining the privately-owned company. He is a very much prepared and exceptionally instructed official who is uncertain. When he is uncertain of himself, he doubts his dad’s adoration and backing. It is by immaculate chance he finds a family mystery which demonstrates once and forevermore his dad’s actual affections for his child.

Sheetal and Yash meet again yet it causes a lot of errors. This one occasion makes destruction and perplexity in the lives of both Yash and Sheetal and their kids. Yash and Sheetal go out on the town and are seen moving and feasting at a Moroccan eatery. A tattling companion of Madhu reports this to her. Madhu utilizes it so far another reason to postpone the date for the marriage of her child to Ria. Mr. Singh sees Sheetal leaving Sanju’s home. She went by his folks to attempt to comprehend the purposes behind Madhu’s most recent strategies. Mr.Singh alludes to Sheetal as Mrs. Khurana and clarifies why. The offspring of both Sheetal and Yash are perturbed over their sprouting kinship. They even suspect it might be a mystery relationship, carried on behind their backs. Toshi, Sheetal’s sister-in-law has a conceptualize of a thought to fathom their falling apart association with their kids. Sheetal and Yash tail her recommendation

Sheetal and Yash flee from home. They discover incredible solace in every others organization. At the point when children can follow them, Yash announces they need to wed each other. What’s more, children acknowledge it. Yash and Sheetal are indicated doing kanyadan in Ria’s marriage