Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016 Full Episode HD

Pakistani show serial Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016.that publicized on Hum TV each Saturdays beginning from . It is composed by Serwat Nazir and coordinated by Babar Javed . Fahad Mustafa is highlighted ahead of the pack part while Faisal Qureshi, Aamina Sheik, Alishba Yousuf, Saba Hameed and Asif Raza Mir depict supporting roles.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016. The show began airing on.Mein Mehru Hoon is an exceptional story of a kid named Mein Mehru Hoon (Fahad Mustafa). He shows some kindness of gold whose life experiences many wanders aimlessly as a result of individuals around him attempting to impact him. He is a submissive child yet his folks are excessively occupied with their own lives. He gets to know a young lady in his neighborhood by the name of Zareen (Alishba Yousuf) who is a spoilt and quick girl.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016. She slowly impacts him towards drinking liquor and smoking. When he proposes to her she rejects him and a heart-broken Mein Mehru Hoon is sent to England by his mom Meera (Saba Hameed).Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016.

In England (those scenes were really shot in Turkey), Mein Mehru Hoon thoroughly submerges himself in the nearby culture and gets to know Faiz (Faisal Qureshi ),Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016. Shah Mir and Sarmad. Here unintentionally he meets Nell (Aamina Sheik) and utilizes her as his maid. One day he endeavors to be a bit excessively prospective and agreeable with her, in light of this she argues to him for the sake of God and this hits him profoundly. Nell continuously takes him back to religion. Mein Mehru Hoon is so impacted with Nell that the two get hitched however Nell bites the dust as she is experiencing Aids.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016


In the wake of living for 9 months in abroad, Mein Mehru Hoon shocks his mom on his arrival by brandishing a facial hair and wearing a top. On her enquiring he advises her that he needs to be a religious researcher. Presently Meera needs to change her child and for this requests Zareen’s offer assistance. Zareen is presently separated twice and lives in poverty.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016

Zareen at first declined the offer from Meera, yet a while later, destitution shows signs of improvement of Zareen, and for cash she takes her offer. Zareen keep running’s into Mein Mehru Hoon while running one day, the later get together with each other.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016. They go out a couple times. In the interim, Pasha, Zareen’s ex, gets some answers concerning the plot and extortion’s Zareen into giving him cash to prevent him from telling Mein Mehru Hoon. On Zareen’s birthday, Mein Mehru Hoon goes to Zareen’s home, where Pasha is as of now there, the entryway remains open, as Mein Mehru Hoon catches the arrangement his mom laid out. Pasha, as of now tries to assault Zareen, however Mein Mehru Hoon ventures in and secures Zareen. Mein Mehru Hoon soon goes out. His mom now needs him to wed her closest companions’ little girl, who at first would wed Jawad, an old companion of Mein Mehru Hoon, who had to a great degree uncouth propensities. Mein Mehru Hoon informs Meera’s closest companion about Jawad, and her little girl additionally gets Jawad within the sight of other girls.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016.


At that point Meera’s closest companions little girl now needs to wed Mein Mehru Hoon, however while this is occurring, Faiz, his companion abroad is wiped out, and his dad needs Mein Mehru Hoon to bring him back. Mein Mehru Hoon goes out without welcome his mom, she feels that he exited on account of her, and that he will never return. Meera gets to be wiped out and is hospitalized. When she comes back from the doctor’s facility, the nonappearance of Mein Mehru Hoon first lights upon her.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016. She gradually comes to love everything Mein Mehru Hoon cherished. She acknowledges the nursery workers children endowment of desserts, which he needed to provide for Mein Mehru Hoon in light of the fact that the plant specialists child started things out in his class. The child likewise needs to wind up a Muslim, in the wake of admiring Mein Mehru Hoon. Before long Zareen comes back to her dad, and discovers Meera is sick.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016. She visits Meera’s house,Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016, where they have an enthusiastic minute and they embrace each other. Meera gradually comes to understand the similitudes amongst Zareen and Mein Mehru Hoon. She soon builds up an enjoying for her. Mein Mehru Hoon comes back to Pakistan after Faiz’s demise and discovers that Zareen is going to get hitched, he unfortunately consents to go for the function where it is uncovered that the wedding is for Zareen and himself.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 85 21 November 2016. After the wedding Mein Mehru Hoon gives Zareen the ring in which he needed to propose her years back and after that he advises her to call him Mein Mehru Hoon rather than A.Q.