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Sweetheart 2 is a 2016 Tamil blood and gore movie coordinated by debutant Sathish Chandrasekaran and delivered by Rite Media Works. The film highlights Kalaiyarasan alongside debutant Rameez Raja ahead of the pack parts.

The film was before titled Jinn. K. E. Gnanavel Raja, inspired with the film, gained the rights for the film and renamed it to Darling 2, making it a continuation of Darling (2015). The film discharged on 1 April 2016 to poor surveys from critics.Darling 2 depends on the genuine occurrences that happened in Director Sathish Chandrasekaran’s life when he was on an occasion with his friends.The film opens with a young lady coming to see her folks getting controlled by a phantom.

The scene movements to 5 companions who arrangement for a trek to Valparai. Aravind at first hesitant to go, later acknowledges to mess around with his companions. They travel together when one of his companions while clearing up his room imagine creepy things however declines to tell his companions as he would be teased. They all achieve Valparai and meet Valparai Varadhan who completes things for them.

Ayesha, darling of their companion Ram brings them supper. Strange things happen and the companions think it is Krishna, sibling of their dead companion Ram is controlled. Later when they check the photograph brought they see Ram with them. Presently they comprehend that it is Ram who is in charge of all the frightful things.

They go to Aravind to let him know about Krishna, they come to realize that it is Aravind who is controlled by Ram and not Krishna. Ram portrays the story, telling that his companion Aravind guaranteed him to get authorization for Ram from his folks to wed his better half Ayesha. His folks did not acknowledge her as she is a Muslim. Aravind advises Ram and Ayesha to stay at Valparai for few days and by then his folks would acknowledge.

One day Ram’s folks make another course of action for his wedding. However, when Ram calls he says that persuading his folks can never happen as they aversion Ayesha. At that point later Aravind gets a call from Rafiq that Ram has opening his hands and has submitted suicide. With a specific end goal to keep away from Ayesha getting hurt, Aravind conceals it from her and goes to Ram’s home.

Presently the scene movements to Aravind controlled by Ram advises that he needs just Aravind to be executed and he will never do anything to his sibling Krishna or other three of them. The companions look for assistance from Valparai Varadhan and attempt to tie a blessed string. After a few endeavors they do it and bring Aravind back. They go to the spot where Ayesha lived and are stunned to see that she has officially dedicated suicide on thinking about the demise of Ram. It was her soul who brought supper for them.

On that day when they are about leave Valparai, they are defied by Ram and Ayesha, Aravind says that he is prepared to pass on for this companion and says the story. It was Ram’s birthday, so to astound him, Aravind had instructed him to go to a spot. The spot is then uncovered to be the Register’s office to get Ram and Ayesha wedded. Aravind needed to astonish Ram by giving him a birthday present who will be Ayesha. So he wickedly lies telling that his folks won’t acknowledge Ayesha and instructs him to quit ruining Ayesha’s life. Considering this important Ram submits suicide. Aravind feels frustrated about him and requests that end his life however in the wake of excusing him.

Ram says he either needs to execute Aravind or he needs to carry on with an existence through Aravind. The screen goes clear and following couple of weeks, Aravind is locked in to the same young lady who was had first and foremost which infers that Ram and Ayesha will live respectively with the assistance of Aravind and his significant other