Sikander Pakistani 2016 Full Movie Trailer HD Watch Online

Sikander is an exceptional Pakistani sensation film facilitated by Farhan Alam and made and formed by Mashood Qadri under the era standard of Kalakar Films. The film stars Saleem Mairaj, Syed Karam Abbas, Arif Bahalim, Najiba Faiz and Imran Aslam in front of the pack parts. The other cast consolidates Tipu Sharif, Hafeez Ali, Sehrish Qadri, Sohail Malik, Shahid Niazmi, Muhammad Abbas, Danial Yunus, Mehek Zulfiqar and Syed Muhammad Ali. A remarkable appearance is made by Lt. Gen. S. A. A. Najmi (R).

The film is made arrangements for release in 2016 in Pakistan and what’s more United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom and India under the era banner of Kalakar Films.

The film Sikander Story pivots around an impairment Baloch kid who confronts various issues in light of his insufficiency yet later overcomes the issues.